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If you are looking for a highly experienced Farmington Hills, MI, corporate law firm, contact the Law Offices of Joel H Schavrien. We know that corporations come in all sizes and we are here to help your business be it large or small. We do our best to establish and maintain long-term ties to all our business clients. Our goal is to provide you with the legal guidance and advice needed to attain efficient operations and sustained profitability. Whatever your legal requirements, we provide sound advice and specific solutions that will contribute to the success of your company

One thing that a corporate attorney must have is an attention to detail. Failure to pay attention to details can cause all sorts of problems that no business needs. Our experienced team will not let that happen, we will listen to you and think things through before offering any advice or drafting any documents. We are pleased to assist our clients by providing:

  • Continuing legal guidance to keep your business profitable
  • Informed advice when making significant corporate company decisions
  • Support during contract disputes and negotiations
  • Legal representation during acquisitions, mergers, and other deals
  • Strategic business planning services and solutions

Choose the Law Offices of Joel H Schavrien as your Farmington Hills, MI, corporate law firm of record. Client satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we keep flexible hours and offer personal attention on every case. Call now to schedule an initial consultation.